Mess To Rest.

Spoon Spot is a cooking accessory that helps hosts and homemakers eliminate tablescape clutter so they can get back to enjoying the experience.

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Spoon Spot partners with Master Trauma Foundation

A portion of the proceeds goes to support Master Trauma Foundation, to help bring internal rest to those who have experienced the effects of trauma.

Master Trauma Foundation was established to master the devastating effects of traumatic life events that impact individuals, families, schools, communities, and state corrections. Unresolved trauma leads to school academic and behavioral problems, addictions, crime, suicides, and the tragic hand me down generational repetitive suffering. We provide no cost trauma specific mental health services first to Veterans, those re-entering our communities from corrections, and the children of those. We use evidenced based treatments, field tested and proven treatments, researched non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical approaches to get trauma sufferers their body chemistry and electricity back and normalized.